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Viridian Coast

The southwestern-most settlement in Viridian Coast, Bamboo Village is a coastal town with quite the sizeable village guard. The Bamboo Guard are deployed all across Viridian Coast, helping defend the region from the Blackram Marauders, with which they have many troubles. The Guard were, in fact, formed due to the consistent battering of the Bamboo Coast by the pirates. While the village isn't terribly large, it does, of course, thrive somewhat on its coastal-style economy, and has a small port outside its borders, as well as a number of fishermen and farmers that live within, or hail from, the village.

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There are many types of communication available, but most send pigeons as a means of long-distance communicating. With dragon pulses and windstriding available, however, messengers can get letters across the continents in rather the blink of an eye, but these messengers are often quite costly.

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A mountainous region of the Viridian Coast, Dragonscale is the easternmost area within this region. Dragonscale is called such as it features many very tall rocky pillars and waterfalls, the mountain towers so high, climbing them puts one above the clouds. There are many different Dragon Pulses, streams of natural energy that can be ridden, scattered across Dragonscale, and that's a good thing, given getting around the area may be quite difficult without it. Dragonscale also features many different caverns, and a small Soulstone deposit the Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion are consistently fighting for control over.

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26 Oct, 2019 11:23 am by Edornis Adair

The Gloomdross is not a terribly safe, nor inviting place, and most people tend to stay well away from it, particularly with the Gnarloxes and Gnarlhorns losing their minds due to the heavy presence of Dark Chi. However, the Char Coalition, coal miners, loggers, and flamegrass refiners, remain in the area as their livelihoods have now, and perhaps have always, depended on the Gloomdross. As the dangers of the locale grow higher, more and more people are lost to the forest's monstrosities. Still, the locals aren't known for being pushovers or easily scared. Notable in the vicinity is Tanjay Kilns, a small settlement pioneered by the Coalition.

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A very large village, for a village, Jadestone sits between the Gloomdross Forest and Pondskip Vale, which leads straight into Dragonscale. Jadestone features a very large lake, around the perimeter of which the village was built, and is also home to a variety of different caverns to explore, a large number of merchants, and crafters and artisans. Jadestone also connects directly to the Talus capital of Zaiwei, by way of Dragon Pulse, but only very experienced and enlightened martial artists can handle the bumpy ride. Whatever you're looking for, Jadestone is likely the place to find it, as every major merchant guild has a representative here.

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08 Dec, 2019 10:42 am by Edornis Adair

Just before Dragonscale outside Jadestone is Pondskip Vale, a series of valley passageways that also drop into a large lagoon. The ploggles particularly like the lagoon, and are known to gather there in large numbers. A series of caverns and tunnels also can be found in the Vale, but watch out for the deathcaps. If you're brave, you can find a wide variety of natural resources, such as herbs and flowers, as well as metals and minerals, that cannot be found elsewhere, within Pondskip Vale, but most just stick to the beaten path and try not to stray too far. Here and there, one may come across somewhat derelict shelters and houses that have been destroyed by natural erosion.

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08 Dec, 2019 9:30 am by Ashoka

At the southeastern-most point of Viridian Coast is Sentinel Coast. While the water is great, and the cliffs tall and glorious, the Blackram are highly active at Sentinel Coast - as is the Bamboo Guard, which has their own outpost in the region. Sentinel Coast's tall, often very sheer cliffs are occasionally man-made, or seem to be, rock platforms held up by large pillars that seem to have been deliberately stacked. Also here, one can find ancient statues, charms, and the remnants of shrines, perhaps left behind in the wake of the fall of the Naryu. Fortunately, no one's come across any Naryu automatons, at least. To the south of Sentinel Coast is the Blackram Narrows, a major Blackram ship port.

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An island off the southeast of the Viridian Coast, accessible by a bridge from Jadestone Village, or by dragon pulse, Songshu Island is home to a few beast clans. It is also home to Stillbrook Monastery, which is the largest settlement on the island, and known for taking in orphans. The monastery generally has little trouble with the beast clans, but does have some noted problems with the nearby Lumang.

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