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There are several different factions and organisations available to join and become part of in the world; we also welcome adding new ones! To start, we only have a handful of them available. As we grow, more will be released, or created by the player base, over time.

Base Groups

Bamboo Guard

Formed in direct response to the Blackram Marauders, the Bamboo Guard is the official village protection army for Bamboo Village. However, their presence has spread across all of Viridian Coast, as well as parts of the Cinderlands and Silverfrost Mountains. The Bamboo Guard are always rather against the Blackram, but they exist primarily to protect the regular folk of Viridian Coast from the treachery of the Blackram, and the Lumang Syndicate, as well as any other groups or people, be they petty thieves, notorious criminals, or important nobles.

Blackram Marauders

The Blackram Marauders are a very old, and very large, group of pirates. There are many, many Blackram ship fleets, each one with a different Admiral, and many more ships within each fleet. As they are pirates, their favourite things are plundering, pillaging, and drinking, and boy they do a lot of all three. They also control several of their own islands, and host martial arts tournaments amongst one another, albeit they allow participants that are not Blackram, for the fun of it. Together, they are often something of a family, but they take loyalty very seriously, and those that leave are often executed as traitors.


Civilians are unaffiliated, non-combatants. While some civilians may have some measure of individual combat ability, it is not terribly substantial. In a real fight, they're most likely screwed, and they have never joined a martial arts school, learned from a master, nor served in a military.

Ebondrake Cult

The Ebondrake have their claws in almost everything across the Earthen Realm, from criminals to pirates to nobles. They have been toying dangerously with Dark Chi, and seem to hope to command an army of demons, and open another Dark Gate to summon the Dark Lord. At present, they have several soulstone mines scattered across the realm, and have recently taken control of the Stratus Empire capital, Gunwon City.


Jyans are warriors with proven combat ability. They may or may not be part of a martial school, but most were at some point. These warriors are also unaffiliated with any larger group, and many are wanderers, never staying in one place for too long. Those that are familiar with martial arts culture tend to call wandering warriors jyan by default, while jyans that have proven strong morals and keen skill in battle are called jyansei.

Stratus Empire

The Stratus Empire is an old one, which once ruled over most of the world following the fall of the Naryu Empire. They are, thus, one of the few empires that rose in the Naryu's wake to remain standing for very long, and it somewhat shows in their occasionally outdated views and traditions. Civil unrest within the Stratus has caused many splinters; Generals and entire military units have been going rogue and abandoning ship, while corrupt officials and mismanagement have attributed to the rise of several rebel groups over the years, but the Stratus is still massive, and holds together very haphazardly. Despite it being in its decline, the Stratus Empire clings to life all the same. The Talus and Stratus are still very much at odds with one another, albeit a shaky stalemate has been reached while the two work out their own problems.

Talus Dominion

Formed when an esteemed Stratus General broke off from the Empire to form his own nation, the Talus Dominion is rooted in the Silverfrost Mountains on the eastern continent. While its founders had hoped to simply live their lives, free from the Stratus Empire's corruption and disarray, the Talus eventually came to be at war with the Stratus, and later fell into the same rut their enemies did. While the emperor is supposedly still where he should be, there are many that believe the emperor on the throne is not the true emperor, and several rebel groups have risen, and many have been struck down. Only the Skyhaven Resistance has lasted very long. The Talus and Stratus are still very much at odds with one another, albeit a shaky stalemate has been reached while the two work out their own problems.

Martial Schools

School of the Dragon

A school of renowned understanding of the dead and communing with spirits, the School of the Dragon fell to corruption some year or so ago. Only three students of this school are known to still be living, one of which was the cause of the school's destruction. The other two seek justice for the fall of their master and other peers, but also travel the world to help earthbound spirits find their way to the great beyond.

Sun and Moon

A very new school, Sun and Moon was established some thirty-five years ago. Its current master is the last student its former master and founder ever took on, whom inherited the school when the master fell to demonic forces in the Skypetal Plains. The school does not have an individual focus, teaching all disciplines and accepting all students, but the current master is a kung-fu master.

Other Notable

Lumang Syndicate

Originally a pack of petty common thieves, the Lumang Syndicate is now a large collection of several different smaller factions all united under one banner. Any thief that happens to be a good thief is probably Lumang, or in cahoots with them in some way.