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Starter Guide

If you're a bit lost and confused, unsure of how to join or what to read, you've come to the right place! Getting started with Skybreak is really as easy as one-two-three. If you're familiar with East Asian mythology, or the general vibe of the wuxia genre, you've mostly got Skybreak down already. Let's take a look.

Character Creation

So, what do you want to be? A normal villager? A farmer? Perhaps a rich merchant, or a high-society noble? How about a pirate, a wandering warrior, a disgraced former soldier, a martial arts student seeking enlightenment, a monk, the king of thieves, a tavern owner, a brothel mistress, a courtesan - these are all very doable on Skybreak! See, the first thing to know about Skybreak is, there is a lot to it - and yet, not really anything at all! In Jianghu, there are no hard, fast rules to the setting; it's all very much malleable and a lot of the details are kind of in the air.

Here's what we know: there are four main races, the Gon, the Jin, the Yun, and the Lyn. The Gon are said to have been born from the breath of dragons, and their physical prowess and imposing demeanour are hallmarks. The Jin are perhaps smaller and weaker than the Gon, said to be descended from the Black Tortoise, but they are headstrong and tenacious. The Jin are the closest to humans as we know them, and the most populous race in Jianghu. The Lyn are descended from the mystical Qilin, feature mammalian ears and tails, as well as paws, and are very small in stature, but their connection to the natural world allows them to use the power of nature, and commune and bond with feline familiars as friends and partners. Finally, the Yun, an all female race, gifted with the beauty and grace of the Fenghuang, weave beauty, poise, and elegance into everything they do.

Some thousand years ago, the Naryu Civilisation's quest for fuel for their impressive and advanced machines nearly led to the destruction of the Earthen Realm. Dark Chi seeped into the realm, bringing just behind it demons, the vicious harbingers of the Dark Lord, the ruler of the Dark Realm. The Divine Realm gifted the Earthen Realm four masterful martial artists, called the Four Guardians, and the Twilight's Edge, a powerful weapon that changes its shape to suit its wielder, and carries power unknown. The Guardians prevented the world from crumbling, that time, to the Dark Realm's invasion, but soon they faded into obscurity, now merely legend, and Dark Chi and demonic presence has once again slipped through the cracks and appeared in the Earthen Realm.

In the meantime, the Stratus Empire and Talus Dominion continue to remain bitter enemies, and the southern and eastern continents at odds. Cults, brigands, and pirates continue to threaten every-day life, nobles and courts become corrupt, and innocents suffer. The Earthen Realm cries out for its Guardians, but none of them can be found; perhaps the Earthen Realm is doomed to fall, or perhaps, new heroes will rise to fill the void...

Let's Register!

Ready to get started? First, you'll need to register an account with us. Make sure you've read the site's rules, too! Your first account should be your OOC alias/name. This is the account you'll use to access and manage all your other accounts.

Ta da! All done with this step!

Character Profile

Accounts with our software are separate from characters. The two are not the same thing, this is why you need an OOC account: this is the one you'll log in as. Once you've registered and logged in, click your name at the top of the site, and find Manage Characters. Click this. From there, find Create Character, and click this. The only things that are required before playing a character are: at least a first name; alliance; race. Yes. That's it. The rest can be filled out at leisure, or never if you'd rather not do it. You can also skip any field in there when doing the biography if you feel it unnecessary.

If you have a "face claim," remember to claim it in the Face Claim field in the biography, or someone else may come along and take it from you.

Getting Started

From here, you may fill out the biography anyway, post a plot thread and or post in others', or just post an open thread. Be aware that, if you have specific goals, wants, ideas, plans, for your character, you'll need to make that clear somewhere, and what those goals, wants, ideas, plans, are. Someone may be able to help you reach those goals and get those plans moving! Other than that, have fun!